CASEK is an FET Innovation Launchpad project with the participation of Aalborg University (Center for Embedded Systems and International Business Center) and coordinated by the Internet-of-Things company, Seluxit. The duration of the project is from 1 April, 2017 to 31 September, 2018.
Researchers, developers… we can help you help others The problem CASEK addresses is that most smart things and services don’t work together, leaving manufacturers and end-users disempowered and creative potential untapped. The solution is an collaborative marketplace to be bootstrapped through engaging both researchers and the emerging ‘maker’ community, where DIY electronics enthusiasts will be among the first to benefit from the sophisticated tools, drawing on methods and algorithms which will continue to push the boundaries of what is possible. The project’s public flagship is called Wappsto, which will through the CASEK project draw on innovative results from the parent project, Cassting, using the UPPAAL software tool suite.
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Are you a student, researcher or a maker (DIY IoT enthusiast)? Or are you an organization or company that needs help finding and capturing value in the IoT? Visit the links above to learn more and contact the Casek project coordinator, Brian Boyles (/in/bfboyles) at